Naija US Base Artists Yung Chief Danny Dre signed Three Nigeria Artists Under Bucci Records

Jeffrey enogieru born in benin city nigeria at age 13 left for spain to study Got into the music league threw street frerstyles in spain. First track was titled how my sound.Has numerous mixtape.

Hales from Anambra State Nigeria and born in Lagos State. Deravi Grammy predominantly in the medium of Singing, but includes Writing in his large scale installations.  He has had a couple of dropped singles in the past, and also a couple of Radio interviews to go with etc. Best known for his Afro Pop tunes that he mashes with his “Rock alternative Sound”, and he's currently working on his new musical projects. Set to give birth to a new style of Afro Pop .

Real name Nnyigide Ebuka Precious. 

.Nnyigide Ebuka  aka young nc was born 

In Anambra state Uli. Under ihiala LGA. but he grew up in Lagos Nigeria. 

Young nc started his musical career at the age of 12. His love for music started 

Right from child hood, but he developed his musical career at the age of 13, He 

Recorded few songs then tittled way back, political freestyle, show them etc. 

But during the year of 15, he discovered that he can be a producer as well, 

He started engaging in production works, he produced for his school mates, during his secondary school days .now he is one of the most recognized producers in eastern part of Nigeria.  He is known by his unique way of production, one thing about Young Nc is that, he didn't learn how to produce music from anybody, so I can say that it is a gift from above.

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