Celebrating Easter With "Bunnies & The Beat" - The Playlist

“ Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life”- S.D. Gordon.

It's still easter season - A season which symbolizes different meanings to us- love, laughter and rebirth.

For Most people though, it represents rebirth and recalibration.

Talk about showing love to your loved ones and spending time with the family, celebrating the traditional resurrection of jesus christ for christians, then you have the much talked about holiday.

At Chocolate City Music as you know, our priority is to constantly provide our listeners with nothing but good music that would get them through various seasons of their lives; Easter inclusive.

To this end, we have curated the perfect playlist for you- a compilation of beautiful songs off Chocolate City's rich back catalog.

From Jeremiah Gyang's "Na Ba Ka" to Brymo's "Ara", these nostalgic anthems are set to get you through this season. It's Bunnies & The Beat. Enjoy!

Two things are sure to happen while you're listening to this playlist- you will feel a wave of nostalgia, You will bop your head to great music and of course, feel recalibrated.


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